Diary of self-isolation: Day 1

By Shepparton News

When Pat Patt picked up her daughter Grace from Melbourne Airport on Thursday morning, she wasn't just committing to a two-hour drive, but also 14 days of self-isolation.

Grace, who was on holidays in South America, was able to secure a flight home, but will now be spending the next two weeks self-isolating to ensure she does not have coronavirus.

Pat Patt will be writing a column for the News every day, revealing how she's passing the hours.

Today was such a happy day.

After more than a week worrying that my daughter, Grace, might get stranded in South America on her own, this morning I picked her up at Melbourne airport. The 5.30 am arrival was not a concern.

Just to have her back on Australian soil was all that mattered.

We called round to Grace’s unit to pick up her laptop and a few other things then headed north.

My husband, Jeremy, had been out to the supermarket to stock up with food and was so pleased to have us home.

It was hard not being able to hug, but if he keeps his distance from us he is still able to go out to do the shopping etc.

Sleep was the main thing on the agenda for the afternoon, then I cooked up a large supply of lasagne.

We worked out some house rules to maintain distance from each other, such as only one person in the kitchen at once and using separate bathrooms.

Grace is being diligent about wearing a face mask and cleaning surfaces that she touches and we have all become fanatical hand-washers.

There were 11 people on the tour with Grace when it was cancelled and they have all been keeping in touch. Most have got home safely and a few are still in transit, but three are stranded in Peru.

At the moment the thought of 14 days at home doesn’t seem too bad.

I have plenty of sewing I can do, books to read, things to learn. Grace and I will probably play a few games of Scrabble and there is plenty of work needs doing in the garden.

Hopefully we will both stay well and won’t go too stir-crazy, but I’ll keep you posted on that.

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