Heartwarming shopping experience

By Reader Contributed

Recently I have read articles in the paper of people fighting over queues and goods at the shops. I want to tell you of a different experience I had on Wednesday, March 18.

I visited Mooroopna Aldi at 9 am. I use a wheelie walker, so when I lined up I sat on it waiting for the shop to open.

There was quite a number of other people waiting there also. It was pleasant sitting there, as people all around were chatting and laughing.

Then to my surprise a gentleman tapped me on the shoulder and said, “go to the front, when the doors open we will hold the crowd back so you don’t get knocked”.

I was so grateful and did so. Then a lovely young woman came and said she would go with me to get what I wanted.

I only wanted one item, a stove that was on special. She came with me, grabbed the box with the stove and took it to the counter.

When I was served the checkout man lifted it on to my wheelie walker for me. Beautiful people being so helpful.

As I left the shop my husband arrived — he had been to the doctor and was finished there and so came to help me, arriving just in time to put it in my car.

I am so grateful to all the lovely people who helped me and to them all for being so cheerful as we all waited for those doors to open.

Shepparton, and especially Mooroopna, is a lovely place to live.