I have a secret to share, but not yet a story to tell

By Shepparton News

Flux. I love that word.

It just rolls off the tongue and is so descriptive, even with a touch of the exotic.
Certainly it lends itself to the evocative.

Where, you may wonder, am I going with all this?

Well, I hope you are sitting down because I have a little something to share with you.
There is, it would appear, a new man in my life.

Leaving my otherwise normally ordered world in a state of flux.

Even the dog thinks he’s okay, so that success alone has got him past the front door.

We met at an industry do — I was collecting another award and he was admiring.

All of which is perfectly understandable, and certainly the way things should be. But as it turned out this admirer also proved to be somewhat amusing; he even bordered on the erudite.

Let’s be honest, traits you just don’t expect to find in your average male, and when you do it gives you pause to wonder why. Not `why he is showing he has half a brain?'; rather, `why is he still available?'

Because, girls, I have to be honest here and say reading so many other stories about finding yourself suddenly single gives me further pause where men are concerned.

Don’t get me wrong, men definitely have their uses, but I can satisfy those needs with someone from Hire A Hubby or similar when I need something heavy moved, a pipe wrenched (if that’s what you do to pipes) or lawn mown. But as we all know, a girl has other needs. Funding your shopping for example; or taking fabulous holidays; or things that go bling in the dark.

Again, don’t get me wrong; I am not ever to be considered the best girlfriend money can buy, and will happily fund my own fun — and independence.

However, if you are deliriously happy with someone, who just happens to have deep pockets, and is equally enamoured of you, well surely that’s judged by that most basic tenet of life — no harm, no foul?

Although that might be getting just a little ahead of my holiday planning. After all, we have only had a couple of dates since that first connection of admired and admirer, both of which finished with a reasonably chaste moment at the front door.

However I can sense things are starting to move forward at a pace I might not necessarily be setting, or controlling.

Mother, of course, is ecstatic.

“A man,” she chirped when I accidentally let the news slip at a family lunch.
“How exciting. A man.”

Dear me, the way she went on you would have thought it was a first, and clearly she is already choosing colours at the wool shop for booties to be knitted.

The eldest of my smart-alec, antediluvian (that’s Latin for male) brothers cranked Mother up further when he chimed in with “two dates, third strike and you’re out”!

Is it any wonder I avoid said lunches like the plague? But I had been trapped into this one because it coincided with dear Mother’s birthday.

Getting back to me though — which, I am sure, is where you want to be — well, that third date is tonight.

I have even fed the dog early.

It would be a little bit of a fib if I did not confess I have an air of girly giddiness about me right now.

And I will tell all in my next update.