Letters to the editor

By Reader Contributed

Thanks to our volunteers

2721: The number of people who volunteered with Foodbank Victoria last year.

116000: The number of Victorians receiving food relief via Foodbank charity partners each month.

It is National Volunteer Week and the numbers above show the incredible impact of volunteers.

Without them, Foodbank and many other charities would struggle to support all those doing it tough right now.

According to Volunteering Australia, 5.8 million Australians participate in formal volunteering activities. The economic and social contribution is estimated at $290billion annually.

Without the generosity and compassion of our Foodbank volunteers, who contributed almost 30000 hours last year, a huge number of Victorians would not have food on their tables.

To all those who give the gift of time, thank you. We are all indebted to you.

To those who may have some time to give, I urge you to visit foodbank.org.au/volunteer to find volunteering opportunities with our charity partners and School Breakfast Clubs across Victoria.

The one in five Australians who experience food insecurity every year need our help – and we can’t do it without yours.

- Dave McNamara, Foodbank Victoria chief executive

Overpopulation a global problem

Overpopulation is causing shortage of living space and natural resources.

Subsequently, different social classes, nations and races are fighting each other for survival.

People are leaving the overpopulated, fighting countries in thousands and seeking asylum in the more peaceful and prosperous ones.

They keep increasing in numbers and gaining a greater political power in countries which have granted them asylum.

Overpopulation is a global problem and mass migration is only a temporarily solution.

What will happen when all countries have become overpopulated and nature unable to cope?

- Jiri Kolenaty, Rushworth