Police operation to prevent deaths commendable

By Shepparton News

Police have responded to a trauma-filled first three months on Goulburn Valley roads by ramping up their presence.

A 10-week operation, funded by the Transport Accident Commission, will have an additional 300 shifts completed as the force aims to prevent road deaths and injuries.

Shepparton has been listed as one of the key priority areas for the initiative, which has been called Operation Kinetic.

A key reason for the focus on our region is the fact that five people have lost their lives on our roads this year, which is not yet even three months old.

This is an alarming statistic, especially when compared with the figures for the entire year last year, when four people died as a result of incidents on the roads.

The statewide figures in general are also a cause for concern.

As at midnight on Sunday, 75 lives had been lost on Victorian roads, up from 53 at the same time last year, representing a 41percent increase.

The effects of road trauma are wide-ranging, not only for the victims themselves, but for immediate and extended family, friends, work colleagues.

It also undoubtedly affects those tasked with responding to such emergencies, and the police members tasked with investigating.

Any death on our roads is one too many and the aim of zero lives lost on our roads should always be the goal.

So we commend the police and TAC for their proactive approach to what has been a difficult start to this year.

As much as it is an operation to increase the police’s visibility, it’s also a chance to educate drivers on the risk factors and potential consequences on the roads.

As we are sure police and the entire community would be hoping, we hope there are no more deaths or serious injuries on our roads.