School crossing safety is imperative

By Shepparton News

It is pleasing to hear that solutions for a troublesome school crossing in a high-traffic area are being developed.

A stretch of Goulburn Valley Hwy, outside Kialla West Primary School, has been the topic of much conjecture since a serious crash there in September last year.

Jane Sharp and her three daughters were stopped at the crossing when a truck collided with the back of their vehicle, with all suffering varying degrees of injuries.

The most serious injuries were suffered by Addison, 6, including a severe head injury, meaning a long road to recovery.

The crash renewed calls for improved safety at the site, including from the school council, which said the crossing being located on the highway had always been a concern.

A meeting was held yesterday between the school, Greater Shepparton City Council and Regional Roads Victoria representatives to discuss and plan improvements to the crossing.

It is disappointing that it took a serious crash at the crossing for action to be taken, given calls had long been made for a safety overhaul.

But it is encouraging to see something is now being done so that such an occurrence will hopefully not happen again.

We are happy to hear that safety improvements are being developed as the new school year approaches.

We share the concern of the school council and hope there is never another serious crash, or any crash for that matter, at the site.

It is absolutely imperative that all school students, staff and motorists are kept safe around school crossings.

When school goes back next week, it is also a timely reminder for all motorists to be cautious in and around school areas and reduced speed school zones.

Between the hours of 8am and 9.30am and 2.30pm and 4pm on school days, drivers must slow down to 40km/h or less.

Speed limits and operating times are clearly displayed on nearby signs so there is really no excuse for doing the wrong thing around school crossings.