Letters to the Editor

By Shepparton News

‘Over’ bandage solutions

You really have to wonder what on earth Greater Shepparton City Council executives actually do with their time.

The latest nonsense idea is a proposed overpass for the railway station — an expensive Band-Aid solution instead of building a new station on the central business district side of the tracks .

An overpass will likely prevent any future station relocation altogether.

Some strategic lobbying and partnership with the new state government, backed by some vision from this council could have a station relocation funded and built in a few years. In the meantime, this council continues to either stall good projects — such as its missing-in-action solar farm, or come up with completely silly ones such as this.

Nick Roberts, Shepparton

Yard philosophy

I have lived on the main drag for two decades.

Many have asked — what about vandals, rubbish, noise?

It never entered my mind.

My veggie patch is in the front garden where cucumbers, pumpkins, and cherry tomatoes adorn my fence.

Nobody steals the produce and I am hard pushed to give it away when I have a glut.

My legendary chillies produce non-stop and I have swapped them for apricots, limes and apples.

I have shared mandarins and cumquats and in return received marmalade.

Passers-by stop for a chin wag. No names are needed and if they have been offered, I have not retained them.

I have resolved issues galore in my yard, and if not resolved at least accepted the dud card that may have been dealt.

I have participated in countless conversations with the gentleman who collects the cans, even though neither of us are clear on the content.

But we do a lot of gesticulating as we look skyward, then our gaze shifts to the silverbeet, beans, zucchinis and eggplant, before he goes on his way.

As a person who is a bit on the shy side, this is my social life and as I prepare to relocate I know that I will miss my front yard because it was my place to heal the world.

With a hose in one hand, beer in the other, birdlife on the wire, everything was sane.

If anybody out there thinks adversely about living on the main drag, I say remove the blinkers, embrace passing pedestrians, and share the produce.

The passing traffic in my new location could be an entirely new demographic.

Maggie Turner-Miguel, Shepparton