Feel free to have your say

By Reader Contributed

I would like to comment on John Gray’s recent articles about comments from readers.

I love reading papers, especially letters to the editor.

I think is an important forum for contributors to express their opinions and to read what others think.

My grandfather Norman McDonald, who was a veteran of Gallipoli and the Western Front, was away for four years and wrote many letters home, which have since been published.

After he came home, he lobbied for a fair go for returned servicemen.

He himself had been wounded.

He wrote many letters to the Sea Lake Times and the Melbourne Argus.

Regarding the lack of comment of recent events in Canberra, one becomes cynical of journalists and commentators who campaigned heavily to get rid of the Howard government 11 years ago.

They had to go, all because they had been there too long, despite paying off a large debt they inherited, ran surplus budgets and left the finances in great shape.

Journalists and commentators now complain we have shortterm governments.

Leaders are being dumped because of bad polls, being replaced by people who claim they can do better, but don’t.

We have debit out of control, deficit budgets and some of the highest electricity and gas prices in the world, despite our abundant reserves.

- Norm Sims, Shepparton