Letters to the editor

By Shepparton News

Thanks for help in putting out fire

- Avalon Goldsmith, Mooroopna

Re: Fire at Lenne St, Mooroopna.

A big thanks to everyone who helped me on Monday, August 27.

I did not get the chance to thank you all.

My neighbours, people who stopped, the Mooroopna Fire Brigade and ambulance paramedics, a great job.

A big thanks to Peter who did what I could not do, put the fire out. Thank you all again. Cheers.

Letter writing

- Maggie Turner-Miguel, Shepparton

John Gray hankers for the days when people aired their views via letters to the editor, and they did not hold back.

It is difficult to feel motivated to write at times because in regard to our local paper, I consider that it is the journos who are holding back.

I would love some of the regular columnists to write with more voracity.

Put some fire into their scribing, fill it with gutsy substance and stir the masses into such a frenzy they won’t be able to hold back.

Because they have mastered the way of the word they can be simultaneously forthright and eloquent.

They will have the readers champing at the bit to be seen in print and have their voices heard.

And just maybe Ron Poole will recommit to airing his views via snail mail.

Much nicer to read a hard copy in the sunshine with a cup of Earl Gray instead of staring at a screen.

On another of Mr Gray’s topics, I personally would be most happy with council meeting times being at 1pm.

I am still working until 7pm on Tuesday evenings, so just for me alone I am sure it could be considered.

Seeking answers

Ron Poole, Shepparton

Please explain.

I am looking for two logical and realistic explanations for two issues.

1. Why is there still a no left turn into Wyndham St from High St?

This has been in force since the start of the building of the courthouse, I could never fathom the reason then, but why is it continuing?

2. The site for the new SAM is being built on the site of a long-standing service station.

I have never known any other service station site that has not taken a few years of cleaning up before building has been allowed.

I do not go along with the tale that there was no pollution on this site (A world’s first for Shepparton?). Surely preference was not granted because it is a council project.