Letter to the editor

By Reader Contributed

Mall decision imminent

Carl Hainsworth
Shepparton Chamber of Commerce president

The Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry holds a positive outlook on the future of the Shepparton central business district and considers that the revitalisation of thevCBD starts with the adoption of one of the four plans currently before Council.

Of those four options, whichever is adopted at the September meeting of council, this will identify a working document that can be modified, adapted, changed, improved or whatever it takes to create a sophisticated beautiful precinct for business and recreation.

It is imperative the adopted plan provides a safe environment in which people can move around as pedestrians but also becomes open to a shared traffic space to lessen the congestion in the streets around the CBD and to allow people who may not currently be able to access the mall to do so.

It is imperative that a safe and enjoyable children’s playground be included and in a location close in proximity to the newly-refurbished amenities block under the tower in Fraser St.

It is imperative that any plan maximises the retention of all trees that are healthy and if possible to introduce new specimens to increase the shade possibility.

Parking and traffic flow must be accounted for and any road opening must be available to closure to cars in the event of a large function such as a market or festival.

In adopting a plan, consideration must be taken to minimise the disruption to business and to do so, it will be desirable to have the works done with expediency and possibly in stages.