Letters to the editor

By Shepparton News

Bus issue doubts

- Ann Worcester, Shepparton

I read with interest (and a little cynicism) the article about Suzanna Sheed calling for improved local bus services (News, August 9).

My cynicism stems from the fact that we are constantly being told that we are to receive multi-million-dollar upgrades to rail services, but so far we’ve seen nothing. A couple of weeks ago, I travelled on the 7.16am Saturday service. There was no first-class carriage, no cafe service, and the toilet in my carriage was out of order. I received a refund for the first-class portion of the ticket.

Although the lack of cafe service didn’t bother me personally, I was thinking of all the people who arrived by coach from Deniliquin, Griffith, Finley, etc. These people have to start out very early and it is unacceptable that they can’t purchase refreshments until they reach Melbourne.

Having carriages without working toilets is also unacceptable. It seems that V/Line allocates the worst carriages to the Shepparton line.

As to the local bus services, I can only speak for Shepparton. My husband and I use them regularly and find them adequate for our needs. The buses are clean and all the drivers are friendly and courteous.

There are also two taxi companies operating in Shepparton, both providing a 24-hour service.

I can’t help wondering if Ms Sheed’s calls for a review of bus services is just another election year smoke screen designed to distract us from the inefficient rail services.

Wonderful reporting

- Charlie Meade, Benalla

I’ve enjoyed reading the sport reports in the News for the past 50 years.

I wanted to thank journalists and special friends Noel Hussey and Tom Carey.

Every past and present journalist is fantastic and they always report the whole story, making reading very enjoyable for me.

I never married or had a family. None of the News staff will ever know how much they have done for me.

Also thanks to my good mate and friend Gus Underwood, who writes Sulky Shorts.

From the bottom of my heart — thanks.