Taxing times for Australians

By Shepparton News

Taxing times for Australians

- Louis Cook, Numurkah

The Mayor backs tampon tax cut (News, August 6) is a welcome suggestion — the tax should never have been applied in the first place.

GST, the tax in question, was implemented by John Howard after he said there would never ever be a GST and forthwith imposed this nasty tax on the Australian people.

From The News we read Cr Kim O’Keeffe said the removal could not come any sooner, in order to take financial stress off families.

The tampon tax is but a drop in the bucket compared to the GST added to energy bills of struggling families.

Dear reader, next time you receive your energy account or fill your car with petrol, please note at least 10 per cent is GST and you have to ‘‘suck it and be’’.

The Prime Minister and Treasurer are talking about tax reform as they plan to increase the total tax take, the only tax cuts we will see are cuts up as they conjure with the tax pea and thimble to deceive voters.

Now all the major parties are hooked on the tax and unlikely to make any changes to benefit Australians struggling financially.

Please keep that in mind next time you vote.