Letter to the editor

By Shepparton News

Leaving town is not the answer

- Maggie Turner-Miguel, Shepparton

Mr Dale Wright is a local identity who has worked hard, raised a family, deals with his 98-year-old mother, and gives his time to his local church.

Mr Wright has also been involved in running a unique men’s group to help those men who are dealing with troubled times.

My guess is that if Mr Wright did relocate to another town, he would be sorely missed. I can understand Mr Wright and his family would be very shaken from the recent targeted attack on his business property (News, July31).

But I question what might be achieved if he chose to leave town as he indicated?

Relocating means that he then would be defined by the senseless act, and would another location guarantee that he would be exempt from any criminal activity?

From conversations over the years with other locals, most people have had something that did get their goat up and stir them into a bit of a rage. But leaving town is not the answer.

This is not to downplay Mr Wright’s home invasion and it would be a little satisfying to see some justice.

But we need to be happy in our own backyard and not let the idiocy of others drag us down.

Mr Wright has a lot to offer and I wish him and his family a continued happy future here.