Cruising past the winter blues

June 14, 2018

Winter also brings in the added inconvenience of having to carry an umbrella everywhere you go to avoid that frizzy winter hair.

After spending Tuesday on the couch under my heated blanket with a throbbing head cold, I came to the conclusion that I officially hate winter.

While summer days bring warmth, sunshine and an abundance of positive opportunities, I feel winter has the opposite effect.

The weather is dreary, the days are dark, sickness is everywhere and the added presence of rain is something that I do not enjoy.

Returning to work yesterday, my colleagues and I found ourselves in a heated discussion about the pros and cons of the colder months.

They were pro-winter, supporters of the cold weather, frosty mornings and added layers of clothing.

Their argument stemmed from the fact they believed the colder weather brings many benefits, including warm heaters, winter fashion, comfort food and no need for a summer body.

‘‘Team winter’’ was all for gearing up in layers of clothing each day to brave the winter chill, and could think of nothing better than a warm beverage on a chilly morning.

While you could say their arguments were justified, they didn’t manage to change my thoughts about the doom and gloom associated with winter.

Getting out of bed each morning in winter comes with an added struggle.

There is nothing worse than having to leave the warm comfort of your bed when it is dark and miserable outside.

While the mornings are horrible, the nights are even worse. Leaving work after 5pm each day, the sun is already starting to go down and darkness is setting in.

It is pitch black before 6pm hits these days, meaning it is far too dark to do anything productive in the evening.

While you know you should head off to the gym after work, the thought of sitting on the couch under the warm heater more often than not sounds more convincing.

Sickness is everywhere, and something you struggle to avoid, especially working in an office. There is always some sort of flu going around, and you bet your luck you are likely to catch it.

There is also the added inconvenience of having to carry an umbrella everywhere you go to avoid that frizzy winter hair, or having to pour water on your car windows each morning to ensure you can see where you are going.

While I know it doesn’t last forever, it is a sad thought knowing we still have to endure 11 more weeks of dark days and frosty weather.

To escape these winter blues, I recently booked a two-week cruise to New Caledonia and Vanuatu.

While it is still a couple of months away, the thought of sailing off into the sunshine is definitely helping to get me through these dreary days cooped inside.

For now, I will have to survive with my heated blanket, thick coats and multiple cups of tea a day until I’m enjoying the sunshine from a place much warmer than here.

Liz Mellino is a journalist at The News.

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