Jury shown CCTV of Sydney axe attacks

By AAP Newswire

Video of a woman using an axe to strike two customers to the ground in a 7-Eleven convenience store has been played to a Sydney jury.

As the CCTV footage showed the attack and blood gushing from one of the victims, Evie Amati put her head in her hands and wiped her eyes as she sat in the NSW District Court dock on Tuesday.

The 26-year-old has pleaded not guilty to wounding with intent to murder two customers and attempting to wound a pedestrian with intent to murder in the early hours of January 7, 2017.

Her barrister says the jury will have to consider the state of mind and intent of Amati, a transgender woman affected by drugs and depression, and whether a defence of mental illness can be made out.

The footage shows Amati strolling into the store carrying an axe before standing close to Benjamin Rimmer who is behind another customer, Sharon Hacker.

Amati swings the axe with both hands and brings it down on Mr Rimmer's face before he falls to the ground.

She swings it again and strikes the back of Ms Hacker who also falls to the ground.

Blood is seen on the floor and gushing from Mr Rimmer, who takes off his t-shirt to stem the flow.

In evidence given via audio visual link from the UK, Shane Redwood said he was across the road when he saw a woman hit another woman with what he thought was a baseball bat.

But he realised it was an axe when she crossed the road towards him.

"I knew at that point she was going to try and hit me with the axe," he said.

He took off his backpack and used it to stop getting hit when she swung the axe at him.

She tried again, hitting the pack so hard that it flew out of his hands.

He ran across the road but fell flat on his face.

"I was expecting an axe on my head," he said.

He had believed the woman "was going to kill me with the axe".

Nathan Wood said he was walking home when he saw a person in a 7-Eleven store raising an object over their head and swinging it hard.

"I saw a body on the floor and blood splatter," he said.

He then saw a second body collapsed on the floor and a woman leave the building "with a dripping axe".

"She has locked eyes with me and crossed the street towards myself," Mr Wood said.

"I realised she was intending to do harm so I made a mad dash to the end of the block."

The trial is continuing before Judge Mark Williams.