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May 23, 2018

Water licence proposal re-think

- Michael Jones, Kirwans Bridge

Re: Goulburn-Murray Water proposed foreshore occupation licences.

I am a property owner in Kirwans Bridge near Nagambie whose property backs onto to public land which, in turn, adjoins the water.

I have owned this property for 22 years and have a registered boat ramp and have happily paid a licence fee to G-MW for about 20 years.

I recently received a proposal from G-MW regarding the new foreshore occupation licence, which arrived by complete surprise as at no time was I or any of my neighbours consulted over these proposals.

While I think it is good G-MW has at last made some move to resolve the issue of licences on the foreshore, I cannot accept the proposal as being fair and equitable.

At this stage they have only approached current licence holders with new fees and continue to ignore the many unlicensed jetties, boat ramps and structures in or on the G-MW foreshore.

G-MW has stated stage two of the process will be to bring these into line in the near future but frankly I have been hearing that for the past 20 years and still nothing has happened.

I object to the current licence holders being hit without fixing this inequity first.

If we are to find a resolution there needs to be one rule for all.

G-MW needs to make this the first priority and not continue with a money grab from those playing by the rules.

Whether by people power or political pressure, or both, G-MW has to have a re-think. Any revised scheme will need to be more equitable, consistent and affordable for all who have land in the proximity to the waterways.

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