Letters to the editor

May 17, 2018

Cotton takes it all

- Timothy Ashton, former cotton grower, Rushworth

If the water is there, they (the cotton growers) will harvest it.

Figures taken from the cotton industry’s own publication prove it.

Go to www.cottonaustralia.com .au/cotton-library/statistics

Correlate the production, the hectares of cotton grown with rainfall and river flows, and you will see why the Darling and the Coorong Rivers have died.

The whole concept of harvesting the unregulated flows means any water making its way down the Darling and into the Murray only gets there because the upstream cotton industry didn’t have enough pumps or storage capacity to intercept these flows.

It is total, absolute nonsense to even contemplate that the pain of providing environmental flows for the Murray Darling Basin is even remotely shared between the north and the Goulburn Murray.

The cotton industry’s own figures prove that.

It is a problem not helped by our local member’s silence about the plight of his constituents.

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