Letters to the editor

May 11, 2018

Hope for North Korea

- Rex Tooley, Shepparton

The sudden softening of the North Korean attitude in the current nuclear arms crisis is the result of enormous economic pressures by sanctions, but mostly by the efforts of President Xi of China, and the Chinese central government.

People in North Korea today often only eat one meal per day.

The shattered economy was never strong at any previous time, in fact many people died of malnutrition in North Korea.

This was a demonstration that the national income went into ‘‘pet’’ projects but not towards the health of the people.

It was a callous disregard of the needs of the North Korean public in nutrition terms.

China, as a responsible member of the international community, has played a significant part in this peace-keeping initiative.

If President Kim can agree to effect a formal peace with South Korea, suspend nuclear development and show genuine peaceful intent, the Western world nations should join with Asia to immediately relieve the hunger and suffering of the North Korean people, and devise an agreed plan to help develop the economy of North Korea.

Much good will be done, and a longer term peace might well be assured.

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