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May 09, 2018

Nationals candidate for Shepparton Peter Schwarz is advocating a better deal for train users.

Catching the train

- Peter Schwarz Nationals candidate for Shepparton

It was great to see so many people from our community out and about at Emerald Bank Farmers’ Market in Shepparton on Sunday.

A lot of people stopped by the Nationals’ listening stand, wanting to know more about our policy for a better deal for train users in Shepparton.

As the Nationals’ candidate for Shepparton in the upcoming election, I was delighted to tell people about our policy. If elected, the Nationals will deliver:

● Eight services per day to and from Melbourne;

● New trains for better comfort and better reliability;

● Better timetabling so the trains run at a time that suits passengers;

● A buffet service and toilets that actually work; and

● A two-hour trip to Melbourne.

We will ensure that if you want to go to Melbourne for the footy, for medical appointments, for business or to visit family and friends, you will have a much better train experience, rather than the raw deal that you get now. Too often people are forced to take a bus because the old trains have broken down — and it simply isn’t good enough.

I will continue to fight on behalf of Shepparton residents so we can get a better deal.

Access concerns

- Don Horsey, Shepparton

Access to the proposed Shepparton Art Museum site is difficult if driving south.

The oncoming traffic can be a problem, but with nine new train services, the boom gates would be closing 18 times a day.

Robert McLean, in SNViewpoint, May 7, suggests using technology to move administrative council staff to free up the Welsford St council building and enlarge the existing SAM.

I suggest we spend some of the $40 million saved to improve the caravan park and lake area for everyone’s enjoyment.

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