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April 20, 2018

The Shepp Square initiative wraps up this weekend.

The event has seen city stakeholders taking over part of Melbourne’s busiest meeting place to promote Greater Shepparton during the past fortnight.

The initiative, which came in at a cost of about $300000 to the city, was multi-pronged and featured a number of different arms to it, with the first week focusing on families and visitation, while the second week centred around business, jobs and investment.

The event’s success is yet to be measured, but early indications are some pieces have attracted plenty of attention, in particular the popular Mooving Art Cows.

It’s easy to question the effectiveness of these initiatives. But the reality is $300000 spent towards marketing the city in Victoria’s capital is money that could be spent on far less ambitious and visible campaigns than this one.

The approach is an interesting one.

Two weeks seem a lengthy period of time to run such an event.

And perhaps in future, a shorter and better-developed event might attract more interest.

The food and beverage element has obvious appeal, and marks positive moves to ensure the city is closely associated with our farming and fruit-growing history and industry.

It may even entice some to visit the area and check out the region’s produce themselves.

The effectiveness of such strategies likely will not be quantified for years, if at all in any measurable way.

We hope those behind the project are able to gauge its success and determine whether such initiatives are a good fit for future promotion campaigns.

Like in a lot of areas, it would be ideal for the council to make efforts to communicate the aims and objectives of such initiatives, to ensure Sheppartonians are able to understand what projects such as Shepp Square are hoping to achieve.

The comment has been made that plenty of people in other parts of the state don’t know about the positives that locals know exist in Shepparton.

Perhaps the most valuable part of Shepp Square is in ensuring the positives we know exist in the Greater Shepparton region are also seen by others.

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