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April 18, 2018

Value of art

- Mary Crosbie, Congupna

I have just read two articles in Friday’s Shepparton News: letters to the editor ‘Art at what cost?’ from John Starritt and then SNviewpoint ‘Where has all the music gone?’ by John Lewis.

I agree with John that the construction costs are likely to blow out and also the running costs will be high and it made me wonder if I would even attend the new art gallery more than once, given that I have never been to SAM anyway.

On the other hand I have attended two music concerts in Melbourne in the past six months and will definitely be heading down again.

As there are so many levels to music and it appeals to a wider range of the population, maybe council should be looking at what would be a better draw card for Shepparton.

Caravan culture

- Kevin Saxton, Shepparton

Some people, including Tuesday SNviewpoint, seem to have a different vision regarding who might attend the grossly expensive SAM when its first gold-enriched foundations are poured.

I respect everyone’s opinion, and I have mine.

One gets the impression that unless you are well-to-do, the new SAM might not be for you.

I know many people who go caravanning (grey nomads), but evidently the four-star accommodation suggested for the area might not suit a caravan park.

This has to be bordering on discrimination, surely.

And again the park struggles due to poor conditions, the council cannot budget for improvements, but as we all know the bottomless pit called SAM never seems to miss out.

They cannot budget to improve facilities but can to buy the land. Could there be an underlying reason why the council wants to buy the land?

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