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April 05, 2018

Letter writer Diane Cornelius is not convinced the push for kangaroo culling is warranted.

Roo facts clarified

- Diane Cornelius, Seacliff Park, South Australia

The article in the Shepparton News, April 3, Roo trial certainty needed, overlooked several facts that need addressing.

Firstly, John Kelly from the Kangaroo Association claims that kangaroos are worth monetarily more when fed to humans, in a ‘protein starved world’.

There are no hospital wards for ‘protein deficiency’ anywhere in the world.

Yes, people are starving from malnutrition caused by grain and crops being fed to farmed animals rather than directly to humans.

Protein is readily available in plants as attested by herbivores such as huge elephants and cattle.

Secondly, Nationals’ Steph Ryan states, ‘‘Permits restricted to professional shooters would go some way to ensuring humane culling methods’’.

There is no such thing as ‘humane culling’. Even professional shooters find head shots problematic and many gentle animals die slowly from body wounds.

There are no requirements to report how many are killed.

Kangaroo numbers are already low.

Funding questions

- Norm Sims, Shepparton

Ombudsman Deborah Glass found the Victorian Labor Party and 21 of its members misappropriated $388000 from tax payers to help it win the last election.

This issue raises many serious questions.

1. Was the amount and the source of the funds declared to the Electoral Commission, and was there any breach of the Electoral Act?

2. Was there an issue of separation of powers in frustrating due process whereby a statuary body was investigating a legitimate complaint?

3. Was it legal for a government to use public funds to frustrate a legitimate investigation into their own party’s behaviour which was found to cross the line?

4. Why shouldn’t a political party that has come to power using illegitimate means be dismissed and new and fair elections be held?

For this to happen fixed terms would need to be repealed.

If anyone outside of Parliament misappropriated $388000 they would be facing serious penalties.

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