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March 22, 2018

Third World service

- Rex Tooley, Shepparton

All Australians are entitled to a reliable internet, at the speeds paid for, but more importantly a reliable telephone service.

Neither is available in reliable form.

My NBN internet service speed is miserably slow — and at this time my telephone has been out of full service for many days.

I can call some people without problems, but many other people I call receive my call to them, but cannot hear me because of interference by static-type noise.

You will always know when the telco has really big problems with service issues because the waiting time to speak to a service officer is quoted as ‘‘lengthy delays’’.

About 8am today a Telstra technician was supposed to arrive at my home to restore my house phone service — yet no-one has appeared; and, by the way, this was arranged via India.

In certain circumstances this could be a life-or-death issue.

There is never any loss-of-use compensation offered; the full monthly bill arrives anyway.

I have a monthly bill due now, but I refuse to pay until I have reliable service, and I will be contacting my local member, and the ombudsman, to discuss this latest of many service outrages and Third World service standards, which are a national disgrace.

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