Letters to the editor

March 16, 2018

Safety for all

- Annabel Thomas, Shepparton

An incident that took place this morning while driving three children to school raises the question as to why a corner such as Grahamvale Rd and Ford Rd is expected to safely be used by trucks, in particular B-doubles.

I was queued to turn right out of Ford Rd into Grahamvale Rd when a truck heading north wanted to turn left into Ford Rd.

As he precariously attempted to make the turn, his giant bullbar was literally centimetres away from the side of my car. He had to stop and wait until I was able to somehow move to the left before being able to continue.

Too bad if a bigger truck was heading north, could not stop in time and rammed into the back of him. The thought of that sends shivers down my spine.

The corner in question is clearly unsafe, yet Greater Shepparton City Council a few years ago approved Ford Rd to be used by even larger trucks — B-doubles!

It is time Greater Shepparton City Council admitted they made a mistake and did something about it.

This B-double classification needs to be reversed and the corner in question modified to safely handle local traffic demands.

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