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March 15, 2018

School pick-up

- Rodney Champness, Mooroopna

On page three of Shepparton News on Saturday, March 10, was an article on the problems of dropping children off for school.

The problem of dropping children off or picking them up from Notre Dame College in the traffic in Knight St is a growing problem.

How can the current problems at Notre Dame be overcome?

As a start, a pedestrian overpass could be built between the two sections of the college above Knight St.

The next problem (which is harder to address) is that there needs to be a safe off-street driveway (some schools have them for buses) so children can be dropped off or picked up without compromising through traffic in Knight St.

Drop-off/pick-up zones taking up some of the school area in Skene St could be practical.

Works well for drop-off but not for pick-up for the reasons expressed by Ms Winbanks from the council.

The pick-up area could be closed to traffic until several minutes after school has finished so that children could assemble in the pick-up area, then vehicles be admitted with stopping time of around a minute to pick-up their child(ren).

This would need to be strictly policed should little Johnny or Mary not be where they should have assembled.

These are things that could be addressed by having students from various classes assemble always at a particular part of the pick-up area.

A few things to think about because this is becoming more of a problem with schools becoming bigger.

Children living not too far from school could still walk or ride to school — I did when I was young, because there are few nasty people likely to interfere with children.

There has always been some but we can’t wrap our children in cotton wool all the time.

Our governments, whether state or local, should look at applications for new schools and have them sited away from main roads with good access from minor roads because this would largely overcome the problems that Notre Dame and other schools currently experience.

I have contacted members of parliament on this but so far without any response.

Perhaps Mr Saddlier would like to take this up as a challenge.

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