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March 14, 2018

News reader Ron Poole is interested to know what politicians have to say about Shepparton's train service during their Victorian election campaigns.

Train service lacking

- Ron Poole, Shepparton

In the last month I, with three others, had to use the V/Line services, taking the train from Shepparton to Melbourne, returning two weeks later.

The only good thing we can say is departure and arrivals were on time.

Sitting in ‘‘reserved’’ seats for 2 hours each way, the seats became very firm and uncomfortable.

There was no leg room, necessitating the need to get up and walk up and down the carriage, which, in itself, is no easy task.

The weather was very warm, but no air-conditioning resulted in everyone perspiring unnecessarily, this, of course, on both trips.

One can now sympathise with all those travellers who have to use this ‘‘service’’ on a regular basis.

There has been a lot of discussion in regard to V/Line’s service to and from Shepparton for many years; who is going to take the initiative and do something about it?

With an approaching Victorian election, it would be good to hear what the individual parties and independents have to say and offer this time around.

As the service operates now, it would only be under no other option that I again would ‘‘take the train’’.

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