True heroes still out there

March 02, 2018

Too often the term ‘‘hero’’ is undeservingly used in reference to show business people and sporting stars, when the true heroes of this world often go unheralded.

Take Bob the fuel tanker driver as an example.

He was driving his vehicle through a small country town on a wet night.

Bob glanced in his rear-vision mirror and saw flames coming from the sides of his truck.

He was carrying highly explosive fuel, so instead of stopping his truck and escaping, Bob put his foot hard on the accelerator.

He sped through the rain, with his hand on the horn until he was clear of the town. However, by this time, the cabin was full of flames.

He swung the truck into a ditch and fell out, with his face, hands and clothes burning.

The police, who were following him, wrapped him in a blanket to extinguish the flames.

He was in shock, with a thumb missing, part of his jaw gone and his windpipe so badly burned that he could no longer breathe.

But everyone in the town was safe.

Bob was prepared to substitute his life for the lives of many others, none of which were known to him.

An unknown writer tells of another true hero.

‘‘I was a prisoner during the war, and the treatment our captors meted out was diabolical. I had been very ill, and the food was poor. One day a crate of bananas was left where we could just reach them — it was a trap.

‘‘I was so hungry that I crept up to where they were, and when no-one was there I took one. Suddenly two guards pounced on me and I was dragged off to the commandment who ordered a public flogging as an example.

‘‘The chaplain knew I would not survive such an ordeal and begged to take my place. Amused, the commandant agreed and ordered the whole camp to attend.

‘‘I was compelled to stand nearest the padre to witness the flogging. It was then that I began to understand what Peter, the disciple of Christ, meant when he wrote in the Bible, that Christ ‘himself bore our sins in his own body on the cross’.’’

Bob and the padre were indeed true heroes.

However, I believe, because of his impact on generations past, present and future, there has never been, or ever will be, a true hero like Jesus for what he did out of pure unselfish love for mankind.

- George Deeble, Euroa Christian Fellowship

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