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February 23, 2018

An artists impression of the new Shepparton Arts Museum to be built at Victoria Park Lake.

Art versus nature

- Maureen Merrigan, Mooroopna

Regarding the story in News on February 17 (‘‘State of the art’’).

Greater Shepparton City Council, before you make the decision to spend an additional $5.35million on the new SAM development, could you please consider the development of a parkland and viewing decks of the beautiful Goulburn River weaving around Mooroopna and Shepparton.

On a recent visit to Murchison, we were so impressed by the parkland and viewing points the little town offered for the enjoyment of their residents and visitors.

We met one elderly gentleman using a walker approaching the decking and a young mother and little boy who had just enjoyed a splash in the river at the bottom of the steps that led down to the river.

Surely the money would be better spent on something everyone would love and enjoy.

Visitors would also welcome the wonderful views of the tall trees and meandering river.

Lunch breaks, picnics, gatherings, maybe a cafe or restaurant being part of the plan.

Especially for Mooroopna, because we have so much loud and heavy traffic right through the middle of our little forgotten and overlooked town, it is difficult to find a place to relax and enjoy company.

I know Greater Shepparton City Council feels an impressive building is the answer, but is it really what the people want?

I feel we are overlooking our greatest commodity — nature.

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