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February 21, 2018

Caltrop (bindii) is the arch enemy of bike tyres and animal paws.

Weed worry

- Graeme Barwick, Numurkah

It was hardly surprising to see Terry Court’s warning (‘Prickly pest’, News January 23) caltrop (bindii) is again out of control.

The dried spiky seeds easily puncture tyres on bikes, prams and disability scooters and are extremely hard on animal paws.

It is likely they cause infection in paws of many soft-pawed native animals.

Not only has bindii invaded our nature strips in most towns, it is rapidly invading our national parks.

Weeds have taken over our public lands since the city-centric Labor and Coalition governments abandoned the ‘‘Land Department’’ in the 1980s and it seems neither of these governments have much interest in country Victoria.

Councils and other government authorities do not seem to be taking enough responsibility to eradicate weeds.

There is a thick carpet of bindii along the sandridge track near Bucks sandhill in Barmah National Park.

It seems Barmah National Park managers have no problem allowing this intrusive noxious weed to invade this significant Bangerang burial site.

Parks Victoria’s plan a few years ago seemed to be to spray weeds from the public’s eye.

Unfortunately, it seems they have abandoned even that meagre effort.

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