City has lots to be proud of

February 16, 2018

Greater Shepparton's Queen's Baton Relay participants proudly carried the baton through Shepparton yesterday.

Shepparton sports identity Lloyd Freer was among the 15 people honoured to carry the Queen's Baton through Shepparton yesterday.

Euroa's Damien Saxon strides through his relay leg in Shepparton.

School children enjoy the excitement of the Queen's Baton Relay in Shepparton.

Shepparton’s great community spirit was on show Wednesday with the Queen’s Baton Relay coming through town.

Community leaders, sportspeople and school children took part in the relay, while school groups and other members of the general public lined the streets to take in the special event.

Fifteen people had the chance to represent our community in a rare event that had them run the Queen’s Baton through town, in the lead-up to the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in April.

Schools, sports enthusiasts and everyday residents flocked to the edges of the road and to street corners, from Bourchier St Primary School to the Victoria Park Lake.

The baton bearers were people who had made a difference through their volunteering, through social change and overcoming adversity, and for stirring things up in the world of arts, sport and business.

From volunteering for organisations and helping those in need, to becoming social justice advocates in their towns or bringing the community together, each had something impressive to contribute.

While starkly different in their achievements, there was one thing that brought the runners together — a passion and drive for their communities.

The event not only illustrated the many inspirational faces we have in our community, but also the support of our people, and our capacity to host and drive great events.

While not everything about our town is perfect and there is always room for improvement and criticism, it is a place that has passion, and it is a place where you can make a difference in a small way and know that the community will have your back.

From the success of park run, and the constant efforts to boost up the mall, our parks and our sporting events, Shepparton has come a long way in the past decade.

Events such as the Queen’s Baton Relay really illustrate how inspirational our little town can be, providing a steady platform for our future workers, leaders, volunteers and social justice warriors to make change for the better.

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