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February 08, 2018

Mooroopna's Margaret Sarkady was impressed with the care she received after being admitted to Goulburn Valley Health.

Absence bugbear

- Bill Brown, Shepparton

What is going on? Where are our summer insects?

Having lived in the same house for the past 48 years we have been used to the influx of flies, mosquitoes and other assorted day travellers once the summer heat hits, normally in December.

Likewise, the night timers in moths and other assorted ‘‘light chasers’’ have failed to materialise this season.

However, this is the first season where we have been able to leave the screen doors open, but the insects have rejected our new ‘‘open door’’ policy.

Being ‘‘townies’’ means that our situation may be entirely different to that in the farming community.

Any farmers wanting to comment on this?

Whatever the cause of this long delay in the appearance of our traditional insects, one has to worry about the cause.

Is this another sign of the alteration to our climate commonly known as ‘‘climate change’’?

Hospital thanks

- Margaret Sarkady, Mooroopna

I am just highlighting my recent positive experience at Goulburn Valley Health, Shepparton, being my first ever admission to this hospital.

All staff I encountered from the triage staff and emergency department team to the medical ward nurses and doctors were caring, compassionate and helpful.

I would like to compliment all the staff and management of this hospital for helping to make a stressful time more bearable.

This hospital often receives negative feedback, so I felt it was important for me to detail the positive experience that I encountered.

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