No excuse for speeding

February 07, 2018

A Shepparton Highway Patrol officer monitors driver speed at the Midland Hwy roadworks yesterday.

In less than an hour yesterday, Shepparton Highway Patrol officers caught several drivers disobeying speed limits in a road construction zone.

The sting, which was situated at the Midland Hwy works, unveiled a complete driver disregard of reduced speed signs.

It was a way to determine just how extensive the problem has become, after workers complained, but a drive on any road with reduced speed limits will illustrate just how blase drivers can be about the limits.

The road speed limit is 100km/h, but with works to improve the safety happening, the limit is 40km/h.

The highway at Ardmona has been identified as one of the state’s top 20 high risk roads, following a number of fatal and serious crashes.

And we rely on road workers to make our roads safer, but one wrong move on behalf of a driver could place these individuals in great danger.

Police are disappointed with the behaviour of drivers at the site, where workers must be close to the road, and have to cross the road at times as part of their work.

There will be an increased police presence in that area to target this sort of behaviour, although a root cause to it has yet to be determined.

It could be fatigue, inattention or just a frustration of the speed itself.

It is understandable that drivers have become frustrated with roadwork speed limits they believe to be too low for road conditions, particularly when there are no workers at the sites on weekends or late at night.

But despite what the driver believes, a fine will still be waiting in their post box if they are caught going faster than they should be.

Either way, the issue must be addressed, whether that be through an increased police presence and harsher penalties, or through a national campaign to increase community awareness.

The roadworks are expected to be finished this month, so it is time the drivers of our community stepped up and accepted the situation.

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