Letters to the editor

January 25, 2018

City of Greater Shepparton councillor Seema Abdullah.

Pick a right date for celebrations

- David Schier, Shepparton

Having schooled myself in recent years by reading books about or involving the First Australians, I can well accept why January 26 is the wrong date for Australia Day celebrations.

The bias against the history of the indigenous community in my own state school education was profound and indefensible.

I am now seeking to correct the imbalance the then education bureaucrats and wider society perpetuated.

I congratulate Cr Seema Abdullah (Shepp News January 23) on her courage and considered opinion on the worthiness of the present date of Australia Day.

It is refreshing to see a councillor elected to lead doing just that.

May she be seen as an inspiration to her fellow councillors, including those also elected to lead us, but who merely genuflect to the Federal Government on the question.

I recall the phrase, ‘‘we deserve better’’.

I will not be celebrating Australia Day, but hope to do so later in life when hopefully the change of date is made.

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