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January 19, 2018

Pollies overpaid

- Kevin Saxton, Shepparton

I am appalled by Malcolm Turnbull’s excuse as to why 30-odd politicians received on average a $28000 wage rise.

To say that these people left private enterprise to join politics and had to take a cut in pay and this was to bring their remuneration to be more comparable is downright obscene.

I have always been a Liberal supporter blaming a lot of the manufacturing issues going overseas due to Labor continually reducing employers’ bottom lines until they can no longer support local industries.

Well no more.

How can this government stop penalty rates for hard working café and restaurant staff on weekends and then kick them in the ‘‘goolies’’ by giving these already overpaid politicians, not a small percentage increase, but by nearly giving them the equivalent of what the minimum wage earner can earn in a year?

Most politicians have never owned or run a business and yet they are given control of the finances of our country.

And this government shows its true colours by looking after themselves first.

How protected are public servants, if a prime minister is thrown out, and you can lose count on both sides how often this happens, they go on the back bench.

They still get an obscene wage and all the benefits, in private enterprise if a chief executive is thrown out, they lose everything except their own personal super.

All politicians should be treated the same as any other hard-working Australian, but that will never happen as they just change the rules to suit themselves.

I guarantee that all politicians will receive an increase this year that will be disgusting by working class standards and they will say that an independent body decides this.

Who puts them there?

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