Take time to grow with Him

January 11, 2018

It would seem that the world and society rush through these early days of the New Year, with hot cross buns, the symbol of Good Friday, already on supermarket shelves.

The Church’s calendar also moves rather quickly from the birth of Jesus at Christmas through the Epiphany/worship of the Magi to the baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan when He was around 30 years of age.

Possibly this is because we know little of Jesus’ life as a child apart from His presence in the temple on two occasions.

We can assume that He grew as a normal baby, little child, adolescent and young man experiencing all that it was to be human, as this was God’s purpose in the course of offering us salvation.

God in Jesus Christ lived as one of us so that we might share life fully with Him.

This offering of Himself, divine and human, is reflected in the proclamation of John the Baptist when he heralds the coming of Jesus to begin His ministry of teaching and healing, bringing a new way to live life in faith, hope and love.

Jesus Christ, Son of God without any sin, accepts baptism by John as a sign of His love and oneness with all humanity, and God makes known the realness of His presence in the world.

As we rush through these early weeks of the new year, can we take time to consider all that God has and is doing for us and all humanity?

As we think about the gift of new life that came into the world at Bethlehem, think about the new life that is ever being created in us, and around us, every new day and of the glorious life that is to come.

Jesus took time to grow as one of us.

Let us take time to grow with Him.

~ Contributed by Rev Wayne Sheean of St Paul’s Anglican Church, on behalf of the Combined Churches of Deniliquin.

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