Finley cast’s ‘star’ performance

By Southern Riverina News

Finley Amateur Dramatic and Music Society members had their audience in stitches at the weekend, with the final performances of their 2018 production.

The 11 person cast presented ‘The Umpire Strikes Back’, a parody of ‘Star Wars’ that included cameo skits taking off ‘Star Trek’ and ‘The Thunderbirds’ characters.

Stealing the show was Tracy Anderson with her impression of Star Wars’ character Yoda — renamed ‘Yougurt’ — and the hero ‘Luke Streetwalker’, played by FADAMS president Ross Whittaker, who may have forgotten the occasional line which was all part of the hilarity.

The cast called for audience participation, encouraging cheers for ‘Streetwalker’ and boos for the villain ‘Dark Vader’ played by Peter Ryan.

Throughout the wacky show, the cast also served a delicious roast dinner prepared by Finley High School hospitality students.

Mr Whittaker said the show wasn’t to be taken too seriously.

‘‘It was a whole lot of silly skits strung together with a fairly simple plot.

‘‘It hasn’t been an easy production this year but the best part has been getting over the stress of people leaving town and pulling out of parts at late notice.

‘‘Considering I needed to learn my lines on short notice, I would rate my own performance with a pass,’’ Mr Whittaker said with a laugh.

All performances were held at the School of Arts, with the final show a matinee performance on Sunday.

Throughout all performances some audience members were required to show off their best acting and dancing skills when dragged up on stage.

‘‘There was a young boy who came up on stage at our first production and he really made the most of it,’’ Mr Whitaker said.

‘‘That’s what these shows are about, a bit of fun for everyone.’’

Despite a lower turnout to Friday night’s production, Mr Whitaker said the Saturday night and Sunday matinee shows were popular.

‘‘The crowds were down a little bit for our Friday night show, but that happens.

‘‘We lost a Friday night show a few weeks ago but our matinee on Sunday was huge.

‘‘We’re thinking about dropping the Friday nights and having two Saturday night and two Sunday matinee shows. Maybe even leave the tables out so people can bring their wine and biscuits to the matinee,’’ Mr Whitaker said.

FADAMS next performance will be at Finley’s annual Xmas Xtravaganza with its traditional five minute Christmas themed skit.