Letters to the Editor

January 04, 2018

Concerning Council

Maggie Turner-Miguel


An article in the Shepparton News on Friday, December 29, ‘Heritage site debate’ reported on council discussion at last month’s meeting.

Cr Giovanetti cited the recent case where a battle had ensued due to the change of heritage policy that had been made retrospective for the property owner (me).

I emailed all councillors and the chief executive on November 6, 2016 requesting an on-site visit so they could see the reality and listen to my perspective.

Only three responded to that email, but there was no outcome from it.

On January 15 last year I sent a lengthy email to the chief executive, mayor, and all councillors again suggesting a meeting and offering compromise in an endeavour to reach a positive outcome for all.

There was not a single response.

Not even a polite acknowledgement of my email.

Eventually I had a meeting with chief executive Peter Harriott, who told me there was nothing council could do to accommodate anybody who has suffered financial loss or health issues as a result of their change of policy, and if I was not happy I should get a lawyer.

The property has now changed hands at a massive cost to me and my husband, not just financially.

Totally ignoring my emails and not returning phone calls is completely unprofessional.

It begs the question — is council even remotely concerned with the people of this community?

The current debate is too little too late for some.

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