Lions down in close one

By Contributor

Mulwala have gone down in a close one, losing by 8 points to Cobram.


Mulwala  12.9 81 defeated by Cobram  13.11 89

Goals – Mulwala: A. Froud 4, B. Clarke 2, J. Hammond 2, L. Davis 2, B. Wilson 1, S. Robinson 1. Cobram: B. Ryan 4, C. Williams 3, S. Beasley 2, T. Baden 1, D. Clarke 1, M. Richmann 1, M. Clydesdale 1.

Best – Mulwala: D. Robinson, J. Gash, S. Robinson, B. Wilson, J. Weir, N. McNair. Cobram: S. Beasley, C. Williams, T. Scott, T. Baden, N. Hartley, B. Ryan.

In an arm wrestle of a game, Mulwala could not hold momentum for long enough with costly turn overs the story of the day. 

After Cobram kicked the first two goals, Mulwala found its mojo and kicked the next four goals of the game. Brad Wilson slotted a nifty snap on his left whilst Ash Froud pounced on a loose one and ran it home, breaking the speed limit in the process such was his pace. 

Beau Clarke kicked another long goal as the midfield spread of Sean Johns and Jackson Gash opened up Cobram. The period at the end of the first quarter and the first 10 minutes of the second would prove to be Mulwala’s best with Damien Cook damaging off half back and a wide open forward line giving opportunities for the forwards. 

Mulwala could not make it pay however and Cobram soon responded and found themselves with a slight advantage at half time. 

The opening of the third quarter proved to be the difference in the game. 

Three quick goals from Cobram opened up a handy lead with Mulwala staring down a potentially heavy loss. 

The character of the group shone through as Jackson Weir through himself into the game with Lachie Davis a running machine on the wing. 

In arguably Davis’s best game for the club, his kicking was elite and he also managed to hit the scoreboard. Sean Robinson kicked a magnificent goal from the boundary line as Tim Doyle and Nathan McNair held strong in the backline. 

Hamish Hosking was dominant in the ruck and had more clearances than anyone with his ability to take the ball out of the ruck and crunch a big left footer fifty metres up the ground. 

Mulwala were down two players in the second half with Ross Anasaldi succumbing to an ankle injury and Lachie Rouel a possible broken thumb. 

Anasaldi had been in fine form early and his combination in the ruck with Hosking was crucial before he was forced from the field. 

The last quarter was a frustrating one for Mulwala as they continually fought back to have the game within a kick only for Cobram to find a way to extend the margin once again. 

In the dying minutes Mulwala launched one final assault with Froud kicking two goals in a minute.  

The siren ended any hope of a comeback with the Cobram faithful celebrating in full voice. 


Mulwala 8.12 60 def Cobram 7.6 48

Mulwala have ground out a hard-fought win against ladder cellar dwellers Cobram. 

With several players out injured and a couple unavailable, Mulwala put out its youngest team of the year with only 3 players over the age of 23. 

Mulwala were under the pump for most of the first half with Josh Bozzola and Andrew Maskell called upon, time and again to clean up the mess. 

There heroics helped keep Mulwala in the game with goals hard to come by it was left to goal kicking ace Angus McMillan to get the team going. 

His second goal from forty on a tight angle was the stand out goal of the game but unfortunately for Mulwala and Gus, he was forced from the field not long after with what could be a serious knee injury. Fingers crossed for the young champion it is only some minor damage. 

Through the midfield, Lewis Taylor playing in only his second game back from injury was on fire. 

His athleticism and speed away from the contest was electric. His fend off in front of the hill was Dustin Martin like and he charged around the wing to set up a Mulwala goal. 

Coach Mick Fletcher must take credit for the win with his decision to send Nathan Beasley to full forward in the third quarter proving the difference. 

Beasley was magnificent and kicked three goals with his one on one marking elite however, credit for Mulwala’s momentum shift must be also given to youngster Cooper Chung. 

His pace and creativity with ball in hand was first class and he set up several goals. 

The improvement that has come from Ricky Walker, Robert Wilson, Dylan Leadingham and many others has been amazing and it was Beau Nixon who went into the ruck during the last term and helped lift his side to victory. 

Another youngster to have his moment was Wade Dennis who swooped on a loose ball and then charged away from three chasing Cobram players to deliver the ball to full forward. 

Although the margin to finish the game was only 15 points, Mulwala was still pleased with the effort from every player and sit in the top four with only one loss. 

Some tougher games await over the next few weeks which will ultimately tell the story of Mulwala’s season. 

Goals: C. O’Neill 2, N. Beasley 2, A. McMillan 2, C. Magher 1, J. Cook 1.

Best: C. Sanderson, C. Lindsay, A. Maskell Dunstan, C. O’Neill, N. Beasley, R. Wilson.


Mulwala 0.4.4. def by Cobram 25.8 158

Best: A. Maskell Dunstan, F. Fletcher, R. Norman, L. Wood, K. Loomes, H. Gibson.


Mulwala 0.1 1 def by Cobram 20.13 133

Best: A. Psaltiras, D. Kirchen, C. Phibbs, C. Lefevre, D. Martin, A. Willett.