Letters to the Editor

January 03, 2018

Water unity

John Read


Regarding Mr Hall and other primary producers, various towns people and environmentalists re: their letter for the use of the limited available water in our river systems.

The climate change experts say that northern Victoria will get drier with climate change, so this problem will get worse.

Lateral thinking is needed to solve the problem.

One obvious solution is to bring water down from northern Australia, which is expected to get wetter and the present water is not being used anyway.

This can be done in a similar manner to the Snowy Mountain Scheme.

This of course would be costly, but Australia was a much wealthier country when that scheme was implemented.

But it could be paid for — generation of electricity, creating more water based tourism schemes, expanding our dairy farming capacity greatly, expanding many horticultural industries such as stone fruit, grapes, citrus which have a short storage life to supply the developing Asian markets when they don’t have them locally.

Extra water in high rainfall years could be used by beef graziers for the making of hay or irrigating cereal crops.

Also the extra water would ensure that environmental issues are satisfactorily allowed for.

It would also create extra jobs in outback towns near this pipeline or channel during its construction and maintenance.

This is far more than a local issue.

It needs co-ordination (not fighting) between the various organisations affected by it to make sure all are allowed for adequately.

I would suggest that all organisations in the Murray-Darling Basin including the cities of Adelaide, Bendigo and Ballarat get together to apply pressure to the Federal Government to get this done.

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