Letters to the Editor

January 02, 2018

Prepare to help

Rex Tooley


Under the leadership of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, it is highly likely that North Korea will be subject to limited military attack — if not soon, a certainty eventually.

It is never too early to arrange help for the North Korean people on an urgent humanitarian basis.

I believe that China, Russia, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other Western nations need to meet and formalise a joint agreement to make food, shelter, and medical aid available to injured or displaced North Korean refugees, if hostilities do occur.

China and Russia need to organise the meeting and agreement, as both have borders with North Korea, and the tide of refugees can really affect China and Russia first and foremost.

It is ridiculous that North Korea, via its young dictator president (by family-conferred appointment), expects to be attacked; this has never been a real option, and is to be avoided at all costs.

Yet, if president Kim continues to further threaten the Western countries with nuclear first strike attack, the time will come when North Korea will be attacked, and as time passes and the threat grows ever greater, the power used to destroy North Korea will necessarily be hard and fast and ever more destructive.

For the sake of the innocent people of North Korea, I hope that scenario will never need to happen.

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