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December 22, 2017

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Staying away

- Joy Sims, Dookie

I noticed parking in the car park at Aldi is only for one hour.

This does not give a parent with a toddler and a family time get a toddler out of the car, get a trolley, get the groceries, unload them onto the checkout belt, load them and pack them, put them in the car, return the trolley and put the toddler back into the car seat and safety harness.

Another reason not to shop in the heart of the city.

I know of three people who go to Mooroopna to shop because it is much easier.

Poor decision

- Patricia Moran, Shepparton

It is extremely disappointing for the hapless Greater Shepparton ratepayers to hear the free parking trial idea for the central business district has been thrown out.

With a stroke of the pen, council officers cited financial impact and a lack of evidence to squash this proposal by hundreds of consumers responding to council’s public consultation for more than a year now.

It would seem only councillors Dinny Adem and Shelley Sutton have been seriously perusing and listening to the many submissions, suggestions and consultations relating to this long-winded saga.

The suggestion costly pay and go technology be introduced will affect many shoppers who don’t have the IT savvy to use a card (if they in fact have one).

How is it our sister city’s in the north-east do not rely on this income stream?

The threat by the owners of the multi-deck park eyesore to seek damages for loss of income if the trial did proceed is incredible.

A business which should have provided the central business district businesses with paid parking bays, thus alleviating the alleged use of street parking bays, surely should have been on the agenda.

How much of the business’ income has been put back into making the car park accessible and user friendly in the past 20 years since it was sold off by council?

Once a public council asset, clean and maintained, it is a disgrace in the central business district.

For the ratepayer it is a no-win situation and so the saga proceeds.

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