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November 30, 2017

The unresolved CFA restructure bill is causing uncertainty for the CFA and its 60000 volunteers, says Member for Northern Victoria Luke O'Sullivan.

Take care this summer

- Luke O’Sullivan, Member for Northern Victoria

Summer is starting and with that comes peak fire season. This summer is set to be hotter than average and some parts of Victoria have already faced fires.

The bill to break up the CFA sits stalled in the parliament with the government continuing to fuel much uncertainty for the CFA and its 60000 volunteers who protect regional communities ahead of the fire season.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial the fire services issue be resolved in a timely manner, but what we have seen from the Victorian Government is a failure to resolve it.

The premier declared months ago he had fixed the issue, but after endless debate and discussion, this issue has not been resolved and is worse than ever.

After a rushed select committee on the issue, the government refuses to bring the legislation to the Parliament, as it has been sitting on the notice paper for months and is not looking like being debated in Parliament any time soon.

The government knows that this legislation treats volunteers unfairly and they are continuing to wage war on volunteers and treat them with disdain.

Our CFA volunteers are often the last line of defence when those fires come bearing down on our communities, our families and our homes.

The brave CFA volunteers who protect our lives and homes deserve our respect and our communities deserve to feel safe during fire season.

We need to care

- Jiri Kolenaty, Rushworth

Over a long period of time nature has produced many kinds of living creatures.

It has provided them with natural instincts so they survive.

But some of them have become extinct due to changes of living conditions or poor design.

We are the latest model to come off the long production line of the nature.

We are made of the same components as other creatures and resemble some of them.

But compared to them, we are more sophisticated and have a greater ability to think.

Nature can be changeable, kind one moment and cruel the next.

We have developed spirit, that is helping us in fight against the hardships of the nature.

But seeing that we have been created by nature, on some occasions we tend to behave in a similar, cruel way.

We may colonise other planets in the distant future, providing that we don’t become extinct in a nuclear war.

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