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September 27, 1971: Girl’s high principal

By Shepparton News

Dorothy Roche, principal of Shepparton Girl’s High School has been teaching for over 30 years.

But don’t be surprised if she is still in the profession for yet another 30 years, for it is obvious to see that this remarkable woman still gets a kick out of this scene.

She describes herself as being “a dyed in the wool Sheppartonian”, as she was born here and always comes back, wherever her travels seem to take her.

Over the years, she has taught at Shepparton High School, Kyabram, Beechworth, Horsham and Moe.

On the subject of the education system today, Miss Roche said that it has never before had to cater for such a wide range of people.

But she has firm convictions that if you want education, you can get it.

“Part of my philosophy is to educate everyone to become more curious and interested to learn more and to lead a full and interesting life,” she said.

She said that the reason she became a teacher, was because she was interested in learning.

Miss Roche thinks that education has never changed so dramatically before, as it has done in the last five years.

And with a slight hesitation, she said that it was for the better.

Another hobby horse of hers she said, was that if people want to leave school, they should be able to do so, without a guilt sense.

However, they should know that if they want to come back they can.

The education system isn’t structured as yet to do this she said, but she can see it coming in because of the demand

“I have tremendous plans for the future of this school,” she said.

Among them is a new Commonwealth science block to develop science in the school, for sometime in this financial year; on the commercial side, an audio typing system, a drama and gymnasium hall, and a sixth year subject will be brought into food science classes.

When she isn’t thinking of these plans for her school, Miss Roche is an active member of the Soroptimist Club, vice president of the Business and Professional Women’s Club and is a member of Community Aid abroad.

And would you believe she has conquered about the hardest sport of all snow skiing and she hasn’t even had a broken leg yet.

We can’t let her get away with it though, she did have a fall one time and was on crutches for quite a while.