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November 09, 2017

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Kim Jong-un poses a threat

- Rex Tooley, Shepparton

United States President Donald Trump has no political history and experience, but has no really bad intentions.

The US Congress is the final authority and fear of President Trump is not really sensible.

He will learn, and does mean well, but is clumsy in his handling of international affairs.

He is genuine about being China’s friend.

China will never be attacked by the US, but North Korea is at risk through the United Nations and the crazy threats made by Kim Jong-un and defiance of the rest of the world community, and broken promises and defiance of agreements his administration has not honoured.

If no peaceful agreement is reached, North Korea will eventually will be carefully and precisely attacked, with no threat to either China or Russia.

And clearly, both China and Russia will be consulted with and advised of those plans — if any.

A lunatic dictator threatens world peace and must be removed, hopefully by his own people, but if not, like Osama Bin Laden, he will be found and justifiable killed.

The world community cannot have its safety and security threatened by this ‘‘childish’’ and reckless idiot.

All of Europe, ‘‘NATO inclusive’’, will stand against him, and not one nation on earth wants to harm the people of North Korea.

Yet, President Kim wants power and has no regard for the welfare of his people.

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