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November 07, 2017

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Wars do not just happen

- Louis Cook, Numurkah

As a child I ‘celebrated’ Armistice Day on November 11 — it was actually a celebration for peace — the end of World War 1.

The name was later changed to Remembrance Day, when tribute was paid to those who made the supreme sacrifice in wartime, any war.

Today, the situation is changed, mention of war and associated destruction is altered in people’s minds by naming the combatants ‘peace-keepers’ and killing civilians and destroying infrastructure is ‘collateral damage’.

It should always be kept in mind it is politicians who declare war after planned preparation ... wars don’t just happen.

Our nation’s mothers supply the ‘‘disposable’’ human element for the battles and continue to vote for those self-same politicians, who then supply military equipment from the ‘‘lowest tenderer’’ to their sons and daughters for use in war.

There is little doubt you can have the best army in the world but if your politicians are ‘‘r** s***’’ then nothing will save you from complete destruction.

Political candidates require your vote ... be sure you cast it wisely rather than vote for more of the same.

Kris Kringle cringe

- Fiona Lyle, Shepparton

On Sunday afternoon, while watching TV, I felt bombarded, seeing no less than three Christmas-themed ads: one for a car company, one for an online company offering Christmas trees, and one which was like a cross between ‘‘Court of King Keracticus’’ and ‘‘Lobamba’’ and it’s only early November.

The commercial harassment has begun.

As a down-to-basics professing Christian, who tries to strike a balance avoiding a ‘‘Bah humbug’’ approach to the season, still I’m really annoyed at this premature pressure to consume.

It’s tempting to adopt a ‘‘Ban Santa’’ reaction to this aggressive marketing.

I’m sure others feel this way, but I’m not sure what we can do to give advertisers the message that we are ... Not Happy San.

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