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November 03, 2017

Point of view

I read Rhiannon Tuffield’s viewpoint article in Shepparton News for November 2.

She was quite put out that while in a cafe she heard three white people talking who had the audacity to say ‘‘These days if you’re proud to be a white person, you’re a racist. Whatever happened to free speech? I’ll never know.’’

I see nothing wrong with what was said and I would ask, aren’t our Koori, African, Melanesian, Asian and Middle Eastern folk proud of being what they are — I’m sure they are.

By taking offence, Rhiannon gives the appearance that she is one of those who takes offence at points of view that do not agree with their own, so perhaps the person who said ‘‘Whatever happened to free speech? I’ll never know’’ was right to make that comment!

Rodney Champness, Mooroopna

Terrorism here?

There has been much community debate in recent times about the future of our mall. A major point of contention has concerned the introduction of ‘‘slow-moving’’ traffic (cars) through the mall.

I would have expected by now that our community leaders would have considered the erection of bollards to prevent what has already happened in Melbourne’s Bourke St Mall and London Bridge where people were deliberately mown down by cars driven by, either terrorists or others described as ‘‘nutters’’.

When we read of these ghastly events happening in major cities there is a tendency to think that this could never happen in Shepparton. The reality is that it may well happen in Shepparton because a mixture of road rage, alcohol, drugs, depression, general stupidity or any one of these can create a ‘nutter’.

Terrorism is not new, but is accepted as a reality in the modern world and, therefore, can never be discounted in Shepparton.

Our councillors should ban cars completely from the mall, and this includes the car parking in Fraser St Mall, in order to provide optimum protection for not ratepayers, but also visitors to our city.

Bill Brown, Shepparton

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