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November 01, 2017

The News welcomes letters to the editor.

Time to stand together

- Rex Tooley, Shepparton

Australians stand together for world peace, as does almost every country in the world.

We stand with our Allies to defend world peace, but we also stand in support of China and all those Asian countries who believe in peace, it’s not a difficult choice to make.

We stand for all free people to live within their borders — conduct their daily lives in peace, and without interference — that too is a simple and basic right.

Peace on earth is the joint responsibility of all nations and the entire human race in the world.

Peace cannot rest in the hands of a belligerent dictator, a man who has no right to threaten world peace and human progress.

I believe, with no facts to support me, Kim Jong Un has his death or defeat already well-planned.

Let us keep the peace and the world intact in any way possible.

Co-ordinate provision for the North Korean people’s need for food and medical supplies, supplied via China.

Keep and care for the people of this family-appointed despot, prevent mass hunger and privation of North Korean people flooding into China.

Be prepared to return, eventually, North Korea to the control of its own people.

PTV mistakes cause concern

- Trudy Golding, Nagambie

I wish to lodge my concerns about the many mistakes being made by PTV Victoria when booking reserved services.

Constant drop-outs of bookings, V/Line staff not being informed of taxis booked by PTV to cater for special needs and rail replacement bus drivers not being told of special needs bookings, and the severe incompetence of PTV call centre staff who cannot find services, taking too long to book services, and just downright lack of customer service from PTV and V/Line.

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