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October 13, 2017

Passing the buck

- Alan Schmedje


I am writing in response to Amy Jaballah, NBNco local manager.

I would like to thank her for disclosing Shepparton Optical’s dealings with NBN in public.

That alone is disgraceful and I will be expecting an apology for the breach of privacy.

My internet service provider assured me NBN had been involved in the resolution of my problem.

I am sure that with a thorough search of her records, Ms Jaballah could find the relevant complaints which were raised or is her employer happy with her publicly accusing myself and/or the ISP of lying?

Either way her letter reinforces the main point of the article: NBN blames the ISPs and the ISPs blame NBN.

The Australian public deserves better than this buck-shifting rubbish and it is up to all involved to act with far greater corporate responsibility.

On this matter I rest my case.

On the other hand, with my residential installation, the issues I had there are fully the responsibility of NBN.

I know for sure a complaint was raised via the office of then Federal Member for Murray Sharman Stone and the issues raised, including out of pocket expenses of around $800 for installation of the NBN equipment, were never resolved by NBN.

Or am I and the retired Member going to be accused of lying again?

Maybe a phone call to me to discuss this issue further is in order Ms Jaballah or am I to be fobbed off as the Australian taxpayer has been by the rollout of this massive white elephant?

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