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October 12, 2017

The News welcomes letters to the editor.

Safety steps welcome

- Ron Poole, Shepparton

What are people afraid of in regards to their ‘‘civil rights’’?

As was explained, the system now in place allows law enforcement agencies access to most information about us, including our photo.

By allowing a fast track via a driving licence to detect suspects should be encouraged.

It does not worry me that my picture is on file. I have not, or do not intend to carry out any illegal activity. I have never owned or intend to own a gun, again I say why are people afraid?

The majority of people are law abiding and wish to live in a safe environment.

I am in favour of increasing CCTV coverage, such as the UK has, the issuing of an ID with photo card to every citizen — again I ask what have you got to be afraid of?

You do have to wonder as to what the bottom line of what the ‘‘civil liberationists’’ really is. Who was it who said, ‘‘I think they protest too much’’?

If you are an ordinary honest citizen, as the majority of people endeavour to be, we have nothing to fear and should be supporting any initiatives to ensure we can live in a safe and secure community.

Thanks for sun shelter

- Rolf Weber, Shepparton

I would like to congratulate City of Greater Shepparton on the completion of the new sun shelter on Victoria Park Lake within the ‘‘club precinct’’.

Shepparton Sailability conducted its first session of its 2017-18 sailing season on Tuesday, October 10, and the new facility provided the comfort and protection so essential for the efficient conduct of our sailing program.

In providing a sailing program for people of all abilities means that there are as many people on shore as there are on the water and finding some respite from the summer sun is essential.

In the past, we have laboured with portable gazebos, which are far inferior to the spacious solid structure now in place.

If you are interested in participating in Shepparton Sailability, we currently conduct programs for clients on Tuesday and Thursday from October to April, from 9.30am to 3pm.

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