Questions need to be asked

October 10, 2017

The News wants to hear about your experiences with the NBN.

When it comes to the National Broadband Network it seems like everyone has a horror story to tell.

Australia is in the middle of one of the biggest infrastructure rollouts of our history and the amount of complaints continue to rise.

The NBN was sold to Australians as a big spend but with a big pay off.

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd first proposed the high speed network in 2007 when he was opposition leader.

It was a point of policy difference with long-standing Prime Minister John Howard and popular support for the proposal helped get Mr Rudd into The Lodge at the end of the year.

At the time of Mr Rudd’s high speed broadband network proposal, the bill was a relatively paltry $4.7 billion, which was to connect 98 per of the Australian population.

Once in government, Mr Rudd found out his proposal was a much bigger and more expensive task to get off the ground.

The costs of the rollout is now many times higher than the original $4.7billion proposed and it is not due to be finished until about 2020.

During the past 10 years, the NBN has been one of the great political footballs between major parties, Labor and the Coalition.

When construction first started a fibre-to-the-premises plan was adopted with most residential homes set to get the higher speed, fibre optic connections direct to their home.

The Abbott government did a turnaround and adopted a mix, which included fibre to the node technology, which kept much of the ageing fibre network in place.

This was done to save costs, but opponents have claimed it would cost Australia more in the long run to use the old network.

No matter who is to blame, it is clear that many people are not happy with what they are getting.

And we have a right to ask questions because as the ballooning construction bill grows, it is us who are paying for it.

At The News, we want to take a closer look at just what has happened with the NBN rollout here in Shepparton.

We want to hear your experiences with the NBN.

Have you been left disconnected as your ISP and nbn co passes the buck on the problem?

Are the speeds you were promised not remotely close to what you were promised?

Or are you more than happy with the new service? Let us know.

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