Ocsober pledge a good choice

October 04, 2017

News Journalist Hayden Thomson, 23, is staying of the booze this entire month for a good cause.

Here goes nothing.

I’m not one who’s big into fundraisers but this month I’ll give Ocsober a crack.

The initiative encourages people to give up alcohol for the month of October.

Having had a big few days on the booze the past few weekends, the month will give the body and the mind a chance to recuperate.

Perhaps I’ll even delve into the world of meditation and yoga, find some inner peace and transform my body from a slob into a temple.

Well, let’s not go that far but I tell ya, being a 23-year-old is bloody tough.

Having returned from a four-week backpacking adventure to Indonesia it would be fair to think I’d be rested up.

But there is a distinct difference between a holiday and travelling (and partying), the latter is physically exhausting.

Couple that with the past few weeks which have been huge, including Mad Monday and the AFL grand final, it has left me feeling a tad under the weather.

What’s more, around this time of the year the weather gets warmer and those beers seem too taste that slight bit colder.

Regardless of how you define it, ‘a few quite ones’ or if you’re a participant of ‘binge drinking’, alcohol is a social lubricant in Oz.

Australia has a drinking problem.

As the Huffington Post described it, ‘‘it’s the liquid equivalent of loosening your tie’’ and in most social situations we need a drink to kick things off.

Nobody’s exit from high school is complete without the rite of passage that is ‘schoolie’s, a barbecue isn’t a barbecue without a beer and no grog seems to equal no party.

A significant majority of Australians think we drink too much alcohol, but it doesn’t seem to change anyone’s mindset, nor do our mates think they have an issue.

My month of sobriety may have little impact on my mates directly, but perhaps indirectly it may help them stop and think for a second.

If not, I’ll at least pester them to donate to my cause and raise an easily attainable target of $700 for Life Education.

All money raised goes to the organisation behind the iconic education mascot, Healthy Harold the Giraffe, Australia’s largest provider of health and drug education in schools.

To donate to the cause, visit https://goo.gl/pwatnz

Hayden Thomson is a News journalist.

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